Weekly Mass Update - Q&A

Dear Parishioners,
There have been a few questions regarding weekday Masses that have come up:


Q: If I do not sign-up or make a reservation and there is space available, will I be turned away if I show up for Mass? 
A:  If you do not sign-up and show up for Mass and space is available, you will be welcomed to Mass.  You will not be turned away if space is available.
Q:  Is there a deadline for signing-up for a reservation?
A: The unofficial deadline is two (2) hours before Mass.  That is when the list of reservations will be printed out for that Mass.
Q:  If it is half-an-hour before Mass and I see there is space, can I "take my chances" and come to Church and see if I can attend Mass provided there is still space?
A:  Yes. If there is space available, you will be welcomed to Mass.
Q:  Why is there a reservation system for Mass?
A: The reason for sign-ups and reservations is that space is limited.  With social distancing, we cannot use at least two-thirds of the normal seating.  In light of this, we really do not want to have to turn away someone at the door.  Having a sign-up will eliminate having to turn someone away and avoid any embarrassment.
In a nutshell:  While reservations are "required," if someone wants to "take their chances" and show up for Mass without a reservation hoping space is available, if space is available that person will be welcomed to Mass. 
If space is available, we will not turn you away from Mass.
I am certainly looking forward to the day when the Governor lifts the restrictions on the size of gatherings of people wanting to worship God (and thus allow people to exercise their First Amendment right unrestricted)!
Fr. Ted


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